Scoring & Shootouts


For scoring purposes, the winner of a game will be allocated 3 points.  For a tie each team will be allocated 1.5 points. In addition a team will be allocated 1 point for each end won, and each team will be allocated 0.5 points for blanked ends.


At the sound of the buzzer after 1 hour and 45 minutes of play, if two teams have not thrown a rock in the 8th end (the teams have not completed 7 ends yet and we are assuming the teams are well within the 7th end when the buzzer sounds), the teams will have a “shoot-out” to determine the winner of the 8th end.  A single player from each team will play one rock and the rock which is closest to the button will be awarded the end being one point for the end and one point in the game score. This rule helps to ensure that all teams play 8 ends. Sweeping is allowed for the shoot-out throws. No hitting of rocks or guards are allowed so after the first rock comes to rest, it is removed and if in the house, a player from each team should take visual note of its position for scoring purposes, hopefully without the use of the measuring stick. If the two rocks are that close, it should be scored as a tie end which would be a blank end for game scoring purposes.

Should there be any areas that require clarification with respect to the shoot-out, they can be addressed when the score sheets are submitted.

Each team is required to complete the score sheet provided for each game and it must be submitted to the Club’s scorekeeper. If a shoot-out occurs in the game please check the box provided on the score sheet.