Curling Etiquette

One of the greatest challenges for curling clubs is getting games started and completed on time. Observing proper curling etiquette can help. Not only does it make the game more pleasant, it greatly improves our chances of getting in 8 ends in the 2 hours we have allotted. Make these procedures part of your game and don’t hesitate to point out, NICELY, to others that they might be able to contribute by doing the same.

Before the game:

•     Arrive 15 minutes before game time and do not be late. If you expect to be late, inform your skip or another member of your team. Allow time for warm-up exercises.
•     If you are unable to play, inform your Spares Captain
•     Be ready to go on the ice. Change first, then socialize in the lounge.
•     Shake hands with your opponents, tell them your name and wish them good curling.

During the game:

Where Should I Be?

•     When your opponents are preparing for delivery, stand to the side of the sheet, single file and between the hog lines. Move only after the rock has been released. Do not stand between the hog-line and the backboard at either end.
•     If you are throwing next you may stand on the backboard, but remain quiet and out of sight of the opposition thrower
•    Only skips and thirds may congregate behind the tee line. They do not move or hold their brooms on the ice while the opposition is preparing to deliver a rock.
•     Stay on your own sheet of ice preferably close to the outside of the sheet when it is the opposition’s turn.
•     After sweeping the stone, go immediately to the sides.
•     At the conclusion of an end, all players remain outside the rings until the opposing thirds have agreed on the score.
•     When watching any rock going up the ice do not stand in the centre of the ice as it blocks the view of the person who has thrown the rock.

When Your Opposition is Delivering a Rock

•     Be quiet and do not move when your opponent is about to deliver a rock.
•     Pay attention to what is going on in your game. Use the opportunity to learn when a rock needs brushing or to learn game strategy.

When Your Team is Delivering a Rock

•     Be ready when it is your turn to deliver a rock, or your teammates’ turn to deliver a rock. While the skip is considering the shot get the rock in position, clean it and be in the hack ready to throw.
•     If you touch a moving rock while you are brushing, tell your skip immediately but do not stop the rock, unless told to by your skip.
•     The front end should have the skip’s rocks ready for them to keep the game moving quickly.

When You, Personally, are Delivering a Rock:

•     Be ready to go when it’s your turn to deliver a rock. Get into the hack immediately after the preceding player has released their shot. Do not wait until it has arrived at the other end.

General Etiquette:

•     Compliment any player on a good shot. Do not show your frustration at an opponent’s lucky shot or a teammate’s poor shot.
•     Teams should only handle their own rocks at the throwing end. Never pull out or organize the opposition’s rocks.

After the game:

•     Give each of your opponents a handshake and thank them for the game before leaving the ice.
•     If you won the game, offer to buy your opponent (same position as you) a drink.