2018-2019 Year-End President’s Message

Hello Curlers

Hope you’ve been having a good season too, I know that curling has been a saving grace for me in this winter that never ends! Though the week in the Dominican helped as well.

I wanted to touch base with you to share some of the things that your Board has been working on and let you know about the plans for the Banquet and our Annual General Meeting.

I’ve attached three documents with this newsletter: Board Responsibilities; Club Procedures & Guidelines; and, Players’ Responsibilities and Best Practices. These titles are pretty self-explanatory and are intended to provide some structure for the Club and information for the members. These documents incorporate and will replace some of the previous ones that are on our website around etiquette and scoring. They are intended to provide clarity around things like ‘Defaults’ (thanks Sue for finding the original guidelines on those). They have a date on them so we’ll be reminded to review them from time-to-time as issues arise or rules change. An example of that is the four-rock rule, a descriptioni s included in the Club Procedures document. Should the time when we wish to adopt the new ‘Five Rock Rule’, we’d communicate the change to you, update the document and replace the current one.

In all of these documents we’ve tried to find a balance between the ‘rules’ and the fact that we’re a social club and we’re not going to be policing activities. Please give them a read and I figure that if we continue to respect one another on and off the ice, we’ll be fine! As our Club’s mission statement says, we’re here to: … have fun on and off the ice. We offer an opportunity to curl without judgment; encouraging first time and experienced curlers to play and grow together. All are welcome.

You’ll also see that we’ve changed the website a bit. The three new documents can be found under the ‘Member Resources’ tab; along with the Schedule, Teams, and Scoresheet. Thanks to Al for his continued work as WebMaster!

We played all year with a full roster of 10 teams and even have some spares who are looking to join full-time. We’re always looking for new members and if you know anyone who’s interested please have them send their contact information to anyone on the Executive; Ann, Karen, or Anne. Who knows, maybe we’ll need six sheets of ice for the 2019-20 season.

Which brings me to the Board Update. Most of the Board Members have agreed to take on another year. However, my two-year term is ending and I will be stepping down as President. Jay Landreville will be joining the Board as the Scorekeeper taking over from his dad who has ably served in that post for many years. Ann Allain has agreed to step up as President for the coming year, which leaves a vacancy in the role of Vice-President. If you’re interested please ensure that you have your name in to our Secretary, Anne Rachlis, no later than March 15. If there’s more than one volunteer, we’ll choose the new Veep and approve the Board at the banquet. Please us our Club email nepean9thenderscurling@gmail.com to note your interest.

Speaking of the banquet, this year we’ll be at The Barley Mow on Merivale Road on March 30. The room looks great and so does the menu. Come for a appetizers and drinks around 5pm with dinner at around 6 pm. We’ll be sending out an ‘e-vite’ so you can confirm your attendance. We’ve also inviting the Spares to the banquet, price for spares and partners will be $40 per person. We need a firm total by March 15 so please respond promptly.

In other Club news, congratulations to Nick Alderman whose new Canadian Citizenship was celebrated at the Senators’ game last Saturday night. And more congratulations on his upcoming wedding! Sean and Wendy Rathwell will be missing this year’s banquet as they’re off ‘down under’ for a month. Their travels will include a visit to our former members Roxane and Derek MacInnis who have relocated to Australia. Looking forward to hearing their stories.

It’s been a very full two years for me as President. I’ve certainly learned a lot and I’ll be around to support Ann and the Board as they carry on.

Thanks folks and continued happy curling!

Frank Urban, President Nepean 9th-Enders Curling Club


2019 Year-End Banquet

Good Morning Fellow Curlers,

I know that you have been anxiously waiting for information regarding our year-end banquet.  While we have gone to Cedarhill a number of years, many of you requested a change in venue. While it has not been an easy task, Nick has done great work in finding a new location.  

It is The Barley Mow at 1541 Merivale Rd.  

Unfortunately March 23rd is NOT available but we have just confirmed the date of March 30th at 6:00PM.  I realize that this date change may not work for some but it may be better for others.  I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and I assume full responsibility. 

Some of the details:  We will have a private room. The Club will order a variety of appetizers and the desserts for everyone. You will be able to select one item from The Barley Mow menu (attached) as your main course and order one drink.  All of this will be covered by the Club. 

Partners and spares are invited to attend at cost of $40.

If you and your partner, would like to attend, please let me know.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Kind regards, 


Barley Mow Banquet Menu

2018-2019 Season Start Newsletter & President’s Message

Welcome back to another season of curling to all of our returning curlers and a warm welcome to our new members.  They are Marissa, Matt and Alyssa.

The season runs every Friday night from November 2nd to March 8th inclusive with the following exceptions.

  • Dec 21st Friday night curling replaced by Thursday night curling Dec 20th;
  • Dec 28th Friday night- no curling; and,
  • Feb 15th Friday night curling replaced by Thursday night curling Feb 14th.

Please note that all game start times are 7:15PM regardless of the evening

As the new season is about to begin, here are the important dates:

  • October 27th (Saturday)  Sportsplex Open House 11:00AM to 1:00PM:  Hosted by the Club and Briargreen while the Sportsplex is providing the ice.  This is a drop-in and it is a great opportunity for anyone who may be interested in curling and who would like to try out it.  The basic rules and skills will be covered during this time.
  • November 1st (Thursday) Club Instruction Night 7:15PM to 9:15PM: This is hosted by the Club and we have reserved two sheets of ice and one instructor for one hour.  This session will be more in-depth coverage than the Open House and all new curlers or current members who would like a refresher are encouraged to attend.  Anyone who would like to attend is requested to advise as soon as convenient to ensure that we have sufficient members to assist in the instruction.
  • November 2nd (Friday night) Start of the season 7:15PM to 9:15PM: Waiver & Information Form and Payment ($170.) given to our Treasurer, Karen Tippett. Teams and schedule to be provided at a later date.
  • November 2nd (Friday night) Meet and Greet: Immediately following the first game and will be in the back room of the Spectators Lounge Bar & Grill. Food will be provided by a new caterer- Tulips and Maple.
  • November 9th (Friday night) AGM: Immediately following the curling.
  • December 20th (Thursday night) Christmas Party: Immediately following the curling. Location and format to be determined.
  • January 11th (Friday night) Start of the Second Half of the Season: New teams with a new schedule.
  • January ( Saturday date TBD): Bonspiel Challenge with Briargreen.
  • February 14th (Thursday night) Valentine’s Party: Location to be determined.
  • March 8th (Friday night) Last game of the season.
  • TBD- Year-End Banquet.

 As most of you know, I requested input from the membership in regards to adding two extra nights of curling to replace two Friday nights of curling which were not available due to scheduled maintenance.  These extra dates are the Thursday nights preceding these Friday nights.  While a few of you have conflicts with the Thursday dates, the rest preferred the additional nights.  As a result, we will have an eighteen game season with a balanced schedule.

We should have forty curlers and possibly even a waiting list if all goes well with the Open House.  This will give us ten complete teams which will hopefully make our Spares Captain’s job a little easier!  The Club introduced, as suggested by Nick Alderman, a software to better track absences in order that spares can be recruited to complete the teams.  This software is HappyTC and more instruction on how to use this will be provided shortly.  It is important that all regular members record their absences as early as possible.  While last minute cancellations is a fact of life, it is always better to provide as much lead time as possible.

Just as a reminder to our members, please check out the Nepean 9th-Enders Curling Club’s website for additional information.  Schedules and standings will also be posted there at a later date.

In other news, the Sportsplex has replaced all of the carpeting in the curling rink so there will be no more loose fibres transferred to the ice.  Also, as some may have noticed, part of the ceiling was dangling and debris was falling from the ceiling.  This will be repaired by the Sportsplex before the start of the season.  I am also glad to report that the trophy from the Bonspiel Challenge has been rescued from the ashes and is currently in my possession.  Hopefully, It will remain here after next year’s challenge!

Yours in curling,


Our mission is to have fun on and off the ice.  We offer an opportunity to curl without judgment; encouraging first time and experienced curlers to play and grow together.  All are welcome.

Curling Rocks!  Have fun with us!  Be Safe!

Year-End Banquet & Awards Evening

As previously mentioned, there will be a short AGM after the games on March 16th (Update: The AGM will be held at the banquet).  I am pleased to report that there are volunteers for all positions on the Board as all current volunteers have kindly offered to return to their current positions with the exception of Nick.  Nick has offered to be the Social Coordinator (with Marg’s assistance).
Last fall, we introduced 50/50 draws on temporary basis.  Initially, the proceeds were used to purchase club name tags and any residual to be used for social events.  Well, Eric has done an amazing job as these draws have been very successful.  As a result, I will be asking the membership for approval of their continuance. With this in mind, I would also request approval for a new position on the board- Fund Raiser who will be responsible for the 50/50 draws.  Eric has kindly offered to continue in this role should the members so approve.
Now if anyone else would like to volunteer for any position, let me know at your earliest convenience.
The year-end banquet at the Cedarhill Golf and Country Club will start 6:00pm with dinner at 7:00pm.  One free drink ticket will be given out at the door.  Cedarhill Golf and Country Club is located at 56 Cedarhill Drive which is just off of Cedarview Road.  Sean has graciously agreed to be the Master of Ceremonies so it should be a fun-filled evening.  There will be trivia questions to see who is the sharpest amongst us (present company excluded) as well as the presentation of the trophies.
Thanks to all of you who have advised whether or not you will be attending the banquet.   However, if you haven’t could you please let me know by next Wednesday, March 14th.

Second Draw Bulletin

Belated Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the Second Draw for the 2017-18 curling season.

I’d like to take this opportunity to catch you up on Club news and please note that Teams and the draw schedule will follow in a separate email.

We wrapped up the first draw with a crazy night. Between the weather and the flu we were missing a total of 12 players! Everyone stepped in where needed and I’m pleased to announce the winners of the First Draw – Lorne Landreville’s team with Eric Currie, Jonathan Edwards and Cathryn Martin. While Lorne was tied for first with Dennis’s team, he won as a result of his win over Dennis during league play. Dennis and his team of Russ Mayotte, Dave Mowat and Janet Beauvais finished in second place. Tied for third place were the teams skipped by Sean
Rathwell and John Lachance. Sean’s team included Phil Loucks, Eva Berringer and Kelly Glew. John’s team included Margaret Sutton, Nick Alderman and Anne Rachlis. Congratulations to you all!

Unfortunately, due to physical ailments we’re beginning the second draw without Janet Beauvais, Jonathan Edwards and Melody Lachance. We wish them all a restful half and hope to see them either back to spare when they can or full time in the fall. This also means that we will have three 3-person teams in this draw. We’ve done our best to review the players and to make sure that teams are as evenly matched as possible.

Just a reminder that Nick Alderman has taken over from Phil Loucks as Spares Captain for the second draw. You’ve probably already seen Nick’s first call out for potential absences for this coming Friday. Many thanks to Phil for his excellent work during the first draw!

Upcoming social events include the Briargreen Challenge on January 27th. The response was excellent so each club was able to post five teams. We’ll be having a wrap-up dinner at Greenfield’s Pub in Barrhaven with live music following dinner for the wild and crazy curlers amongst us! Now, if you have not signed up and are interested in playing lease let men know so I can put you on a reserve list as there may be last minute cancellations.

And finally, please save April 24th for our year-end banquet and awards dinner. The event will be held at the Cedarhill Golf and Country Club. The cost of dinner was included in your membership fees and it’s always more fun with as many of you there as possible.

That’s all for now. Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday night!

Frank Urban
January 16th, 2018

Upcoming Curling Season

Friday night curling is fast approaching.

I have attached the CURLER INFORMATION AND WAIVER FORM which is to be completed and handed in Friday night. All spares are required to submit this form the night of his/her first curling event. The Board has approved a new registration fee of $170 which is a slight increase from last year. The spares fee remains the same at $5 per night. Please include your registration fee with the CURLER INFORMATION AND WAIVER FORM.

As a reminder, there is an instruction night hosted by the club 7:15 Thursday night at the Sportsplex. All new curlers, regulars and spares who would need/like a refresher are invited to attend. If you would like to attend, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know at your earliest convenience. To date, the following have confirmed their attendance for Thursday night:

Teresa Cinanni
Kelly Glew
Mike Glew
Cathryn Martin
Cameron Martin
Susan O’Connor
Sam Plihal
Katrin Urban

The season runs every Friday night for 18 weeks from November 3rd to March 16th inclusive except for two weeks at Christmas. December 15th is the last night of curling before Christmas. As before, the curling season is split into two halves with the second half starting January 26th. We will have 10 teams with 40 curlers.

Phil Loucks, our first-half curling captain, will be contacting you shortly (if he hasn’t already done so) to confirm the presence of the regulars for this Friday night. Spares will be contacted to fill any absences.

Our annual Meet and Greet will take place the following Friday, Nov 10.
Ann and Jonathan have graciously offered to host.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this week. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frank Urban

Fall 2017 Newsletter


Hello Curlers!   Welcome to the inaugural year of the Nepean 9th-Enders Curling Club!

In addition to a new name, we’ve adopted a logo, mission statement and tagline.

Our mission is to have fun on and off the ice.  We offer an opportunity to curl without judgment; encouraging first time and experienced curlers to play and grow together.  All are welcome.

And, tagline:  Curling Rocks!  Have fun with us!  Be Safe!

Our first curling night is coming up- Friday, November 3rd so we are just starting our recruitment drive.  Our VP Ann Alain will be spearheading this drive.  We have discussed a number of initiatives for recruiting new members so it is important to know who will be returning this year. If you could kindly advise Ann whether or not you will be available full time, part time or spare, that would greatly assist us in preparing for the upcoming year.  For spares who would like to become regular members, this is a great time to join.

As you are aware, we’re always looking for new members so we would like to ask everyone for their assistance in recruiting new members.  If you know anyone who’s interested, family, friends, neighbours or co-workers, please have them send their contact information to Ann at Nepean9thEndersCurling@gmail.com, your assistance is appreciated.

We plan to have another curling clinic again this year, tentatively scheduled for Thursday November 2nd.  While this is primarily intended for new curlers, other curlers who would like to refine their technique are invited to attend should space allow.

Please note that this year we will be curling on sheets F to J and we have a new starting time 7:15 pm sharp on Friday evenings.  Also please arrive at the rink 10-15 minutes before the launch of the first rock so you are ready to go at 7:15pm.  The change in time was introduced by the Sportsplex to provide more time for staff to prepare the ice.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Web Master Al Kuiper and our Vice-President Ann Allain for their work over the summer! 

Al designed our new 9th-Enders website complete with a logo as well as the Facebook Page.  Please bookmark nepean9thenders.ca in your browser. To join the Facebook page, enter ‘Nepean Ninth-Enders Curling Club’ in the search bar.

Ann organized the summer bar-b-que which gave us the opportunity to touch base between seasons.

I would also like to thank Sean Rathwell as he provided a very interesting historical background on the beginnings of our club which started in 1970.  To note that Sean has been affiliated with the club since 1977!  He was also kind enough to provide a club photo as well as picture of Santa Bill (Sean’s dad).