Year-End Banquet & Awards Evening

As previously mentioned, there will be a short AGM after the games on March 16th (Update: The AGM will be held at the banquet).  I am pleased to report that there are volunteers for all positions on the Board as all current volunteers have kindly offered to return to their current positions with the exception of Nick.  Nick has offered to be the Social Coordinator (with Marg’s assistance).
Last fall, we introduced 50/50 draws on temporary basis.  Initially, the proceeds were used to purchase club name tags and any residual to be used for social events.  Well, Eric has done an amazing job as these draws have been very successful.  As a result, I will be asking the membership for approval of their continuance. With this in mind, I would also request approval for a new position on the board- Fund Raiser who will be responsible for the 50/50 draws.  Eric has kindly offered to continue in this role should the members so approve.
Now if anyone else would like to volunteer for any position, let me know at your earliest convenience.
The year-end banquet at the Cedarhill Golf and Country Club will start 6:00pm with dinner at 7:00pm.  One free drink ticket will be given out at the door.  Cedarhill Golf and Country Club is located at 56 Cedarhill Drive which is just off of Cedarview Road.  Sean has graciously agreed to be the Master of Ceremonies so it should be a fun-filled evening.  There will be trivia questions to see who is the sharpest amongst us (present company excluded) as well as the presentation of the trophies.
Thanks to all of you who have advised whether or not you will be attending the banquet.   However, if you haven’t could you please let me know by next Wednesday, March 14th.

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